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Backstage Ass: Rocky Revisited, Evigan, Taxi, Movies - Cultureshark [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Backstage Ass: Rocky Revisited, Evigan, Taxi, Movies [May. 14th, 2007|02:58 pm]


Backstage Ass: Rocky Revisited, Evigan, Taxi, Movies

*I've been watching the Rocky movies in preparation for renting Rocky Balboa soon. How lame is that? I didn't prepare that much for my SATs. Even lamer, though, is some of the stuff in Rocky IV or Rocky V.

I forgot about the robot that Mr. Balboa gives Paulie as a birthday present. It's not enough that the movie features Commies, multiple training montages, and "No Easy Way Out" on the soundtrack; no at some point the writer or director decided it needed MORE cheese. Enter robot.

I had never seen Rocky V until recently. Oh, how I now envy my pre-recently self. I must have successfully blocked out the fact that [SPOILER ALERT] the climactic fight doesn't even take place in a ring, but in the streets. So I was able to absorb that colossally misguided finale with fresh eyes. What was Stallone thinking? If he thought fans didn't want to see the character in the ring again, then why make the movie?

Strangely, seeing Rocky V makes me more accepting of the sixth film because now I can totally understand why Stallone couldn't let his baby go out like that.

*Am I the only one who pumped a fist and exclaimed something like, "Whoo-hoo!" when Greg Evigan showed up on Desperate Housewives last week? I hope it's a recurring role, and my ironic Evigan fandom is so long-lasting that I don't even know if it's still ironic. I only wish he sang on the show. That would have made it a perfect return.

*One of the coolest and most frustrating aspects of the TV Land Awards is the attention given to older shows that aren't commonly seen in reruns anymore. It's great to see Family Affair get even miniscule props, but it's disappointing that we're more likely to see a live Janet Jackson concert on TV Land.

Similarly, good for the network for reassembling the cast of Taxi and giving the show a token award, but where can anyone see it these days? Here's hoping the publicity helps spur more DVD releases of the classic sitcom, which is now stuck at 3 out of 5 seasons in the bag.

*Talk about a weak weekend in movies. Does anyone want to challenge Spidey and Shrek? Friday gave us a Larry the Cable Guy vehicle, yet another zombie movie, what seems like yet another Zach Braff movie, and a DOA chick flick most notable for being the one on which Lindsay Lohan got chewed out. Why bother?